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What papers do I need when I start a divorce case in Florida?

Deciding to go through a divorce is a difficult choice. Considering how the divorce process will affect you and your family in both short terms and long term is one of the toughest parts in making a decision to go through it. Taking as much time as is available to consider the effects will benefit you and your family during the separation.

Filing for divorce means you have given your petition for dissolution of marriage to the clerk’s office of the circuit court for the county where you are filing. You will need to have your petition notarized before filing with the court. Most courthouses will have a notary present who can do this for a fee. You’ll give a copy of your signed and notarized petition to the clerk, along with the filing fee for a dissolution of marriage, and they should give you a copy with a date stamp and notation showing that it has been filed with the court. Be sure to make a copy of the petition for yourself, as well as an additional copy to serve on your spouse.

In addition, preparing for the financial impacts brought by divorce is a must. Child custody, alimony, and equitable distribution must be put into account when you determine your needs after divorce. Being prepared to communicate your stance on these issues will assist your attorney successfully represent you.

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