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Brandon Divorce Attorneys

family law, domestic abuse, divorce attorneysDivorce is often the final solution and the next transition for a couple that is plagued with irreconcilable differences and disagreements. While divorce is a clear-cut legal process, the reality is that it is a process of transition that most people fear as it delves into the unknown.

If you are considering filing for a divorce or are confused as to how to properly resolve your marital issues and feel that any type of couples counseling won’t help, contact us.

We will schedule you for an initial consultation with our highly experienced divorce attorneys who can provide you with all the information on every aspect of the divorce process including the risks involved. We will provide you with enough guidance so that the next critical steps in your life are totally known to you.

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Dedicated Divorce Lawyers

family law attorneyOur dedicated Brandon divorce lawyers support you throughout every aspect of your divorce, whether collaborative, contested, or complex. Even the most straightforward, simple divorces can have areas of contention, and we are here to help make the rough patches go more smoothly.

At the very best, divorce is a somber division of a joined life into two separate entities. At it’s worst, it is a battle that leaves both parties broken (and more often than not, broke). Our aggressive divorce attorneys will listen to your unique story and situation in order to develop a game plan for the best approach to your unique situation. Whether protecting property, assets, or your children is the most important aspect while facing your divorce, we work to get the best possible resolution for you, with the least amount of heartache possible.

Asset Division for High Net Worth Divorce

high asset division divorce attorneySome divorces are naturally more complicated than others, and our legal team is equipped to handle all size divorce cases with discretion and skill. Whether you are a high profile individual, married to a high profile individual, a business owner, an individual with a high net worth, an individual with many assets, or anyone else in a unique or complicated situation, we can help.

We assist clients with understanding what assets are subject to division, how to best negotiate for the assets you desire most, and help them understand how they can best position themselves for a positive, desirable outcome from their divorce proceedings. Reaching out to a discrete, skilled Brandon, FL divorce attorney as quickly in the process as possible will only improve your chances of protecting your assets.

Let’s Talk- Free Divorce Consultation

Brandon Divorce Attorneys logo 1 300x67As Brandon divorce attorneys, we understand the intricacies of divorce law, including asset division, child custody, child support, alimony, and more. Our seasoned legal professionals provide personalized support and help to waylay your uncertainties during this challenging time by developing a plan of action to accomplish your most desired outcome. We understand that divorce is never an easy process. However, most of our clients find that after their first conversation with us, they experience a great sense of relief and optimism about what their new, solo future holds for them.

Call Law Office of Hurvitz & Feasley, P.A. at (813) 336-3616 for a Free Consultation!