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Valrico Father’s Rights

A paternity attorney can help you determine the parentage of a child, as well as assist with child custody, support, time-sharing, and all other aspects of father’s rights. Any pregnant woman or mother, any man who believes he is the father of a child, or any child who questions parentage, may bring proceedings to determine the paternity of the child in the circuit court when paternity has not already been established by law or otherwise.

Paternity cases generally are only necessary when the unmarried parents of a child can’t agree on the upbringing of the child. Usually, the main culprit is time-sharing, or how much time each parent gets with the child. When this because an issue, it is not uncommon for a father to seek assistance from the courts to establish the father’s legal rights. This is the only way in the State of Florida to be able to obtain legal protection of your rights and responsibilities of fatherhood. Paternity is assumed when the mother and father are legally married to each other at the time of the child’s birth. Without seeking the support of a dedicated Valrico father’s rights attorney, the mother of the child is well within her rights to completely deny you any type of access or rights to your minor children.

According to Florida Statutes Section 742.12, the courts can require the child, mother, and the proposed father to participate in DNA testing to determine the likelihood that the father and child are genetically a match, and thus related.

Generally, paternity is determined in order to establish the correct parentage of the child so that his/her biological father is able to not only assume the responsibilities of fatherhood, but also enjoy the rights of being parent. A parenting plan and time-sharing schedule help to determine how the child will split his time between the parents, and child support will also be established, as you must first take responsibility for your child before you can appreciate the rights of fatherhood. Other aspects of a paternity action may include establishing a holiday time-sharing schedule, and dividing the payment of medical insurance coverage, extracurricular activities, birth-related expenses, uncovered/non-covered medical expenses, as well as placing the father on the child’s birth certificate, changing the child’s name, and dividing up the dependency exemption for the child.

As your Valrico father’s rights lawyer, we would be happy to assist you with your paternity case, or answering any questions you may have as to the issues addressed above. You deserve the right to a relationship with your children.

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