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Dover Child Custody

The custody of children is a very common dispute that normally accompanies any turmoil within the family. It is a very sensitive issue which may lead to bitter disputes. In the end, the ones that suffer are not the people squabbling but the children being tugged in different directions. Our Dover, FL child custody attorneys help you develop a custody plan that is fair and works for your family and needs.

In Florida, there are two basic concepts that are recognized in relation to child custody. The first one is called Parental Responsibility. This pertains to the decision-making authority of each parent with regards to their children. Most often than not, this part of the process is resolved through an agreed sharing of responsibility between the two parents. In certain unique cases, though, an unequal sharing of responsibility arises where only one parent is given the authority to make major decisions for the well-being of the children, such decisions may be in the areas such as education and health.

The other common concept that the State recognizes in any custody battle is Time Sharing. This is defined as the division of custody where each parent will have allotted time to spend with the children. The main idea here is to ensure that the best interest of the child is given utmost interest. Our Dover custody lawyers help you understand the process so you know what to expect at each stage.

Our firm is squarely set on finding a practical solution within the current circumstances of each parent and for the best interests of their kids.

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