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Riverview Child Custody

child custody attorneyThe custody of children is a very common dispute that normally accompanies any turmoil within the family. It is a very sensitive issue which may lead to bitter disagreements, hurt feelings, and unintentional emotional trauma to the child. In the end, the ones that suffer are not the people squabbling but the children being tugged in different directions.

As your dedicated Riverview child custody attorneys, we handle all aspects of custody law, including initial custody agreements, child custody modification, child relocation, and child custody enforcement. Whether you are dealing with custody as part of divorce proceedings or as an unmarried parent, we fight to get the rights of access and time-sharing that you need to build a loving, supportive, and lifelong relationship with your child.

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Understanding Parental Responsibility

couple fighting over child custodyIn Florida, there are two basic concepts that are recognized in relation to child custody. The first one is called Parental Responsibility.

This pertains to the decision-making authority of each parent with regards to their children. Most often, this part of the process is resolved through an agreed equitable sharing of responsibility between the two parents. This means either parent is able to make decisions for the child without having to consult the other parent for approval, though it is often a good idea to work jointly for the best interests of the child on all major decisions.

In certain unique cases, though, an unequal sharing of responsibility arises where only one parent is given the authority to make major decisions for the well-being of the children, such decisions may be in the areas such as education and health. There are several reasons why the Florida courts may award greater decision making authority to one parent over the other, and we can help you determine if this is a possibility in your case.

Time-Sharing & Physical Custody

child custody and child support attorneyThe other common concept that the State recognizes in any custody battle is Time Sharing. This is defined as the division of custody where each parent will have allotted time to spend with the children.

The most common time-sharing arrangement is a 50/50 shared custody, however unique custody arrangements can be made on a case by case basis. In an ideal situation, the two parents would work together to create a custody plan that will work for both of them. If they cannot agree to a plan, then the courts will put one in place that may not be ideal for either party, so if you are having a hard time collaborating, one of our Riverview, FL child custody lawyers can help facilitate negotiation.

The main idea here is to ensure that the best interest of the child is given utmost attention.

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Riverview Child Custody logo 1 300x67Our firm is squarely set on finding a practical solution within the current circumstances of each parent and for the best interests of their kids. If you need dedicated, compassionate legal support from a Riverview child custody attorney, we provide the assistance you need to get the access you deserve.

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