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What are the advantages of choosing a collaborative divorce in Florida?

In general, Collaborative Divorce saves money. Where the court system would most likely not have the parties meet to discuss their issues for many months, if at all, collaborative law hasten the process with a meeting at the very beginning. This gets the matter off to a flying start without having to wait based on court schedules. There is also far less stress and anxiety involved because you are playing a more active role in the divorce. The goal is to reach a settlement before anyone files papers in divorce court. Once a couple accepts a settlement, then a legally binding agreement is written and once signed by both parties the papers are filed in court for the approval of a judge. You know that you worked together to make life easier for everyone. This is especially important if children are involved.

Privacy is also one of the biggest advantages. What people don’t realize is that when they go to an attorney and file for divorce, everything becomes public. The petition is public and financial affidavits are public. When we read in the newspapers about celebrities that spend all this money on vacations, the source of the information is documented in the court proceeding. In collaborative divorce, financial affidavits are prepared, but they are not filed with the court. In fact, this entire process takes place outside of the court until the very end.

Another advantage is transparency. The couple and all the professionals involved agree that any decision will be made with the knowledge of everybody else. In addition, the parties have personal control over the outcome. You don’t have a judge who has only known you from a court deciding what will be the best situation for the family.

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