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If I ask for a divorce and move out, do I still have to pay the rent and bills on that place?

During a divorce, it is possible that you have left the marital home and set up shop in a new place. However, if an account still has your name on it and it is attached to your ex’s home, you’ll still be on the hook for whatever charges are incurred.

After dividing debts and assets, it may be easier to ascertain what bills to pay because fiscal boundaries will be established. In fact, it may not be the worst idea to begin separating what belongs to whom when the prospect of divorce seems imminent. Individual accounts, or accounts in one person’s name, will typically remain that individual’s responsibility during and after divorce. However, joint accounts will need to be divvied up, if not dissolvable. Common joint accounts with bill-sharing responsibilities typically include:

  • Electric, gas, water, and other household utilities
  • Credit cards
  • Rental leases and mortgages
  • Automobile leases and contracts

In Florida, it’s not unusual for family-related bill responsibility to fall on both parties until an actual legal agreement that establishes specific responsibilities is in place. If the primary earner or whoever pays most of the utilities, mortgage, and bills for a household is the one moving out early, some states can institute a “status quo order.” This requires the party to continue paying the marital bills as they did before the divorce.

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